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It’s 3:06am, and I’m regretting the nap I took yesterday afternoon, or perhaps the large latte (from Krispy Kreme, no less, I had a moment of weakness that lasted approximately from the minute Kathryn rang saying she was at Tesco’s to the moment that I got to the Krispy Kreme doughnuts place), or perhaps it was the crappy microwave meals we’ve been eating and the fact my stomach’s churning somewhat.

Perhaps the real reason is my body has no idea what time it is. In the last 5 weeks I’ve moved time forward 12 hours to work nights (1 week), back 4 hours to be in the States (3 weeks), forward 8 hours to be back here (6 days), 12 hours forward to work nights (8 days) and now back, well, I’ve tried to get it back to UK time. I caught a cold for the first time in months, my stomach’s not happy (although that might well be microwave food, which has never agreed with me terribly well), and I feel cold and tired. Although it quite possibly is just cold.

Because I’ve not been sat in the Lounge, but instead perched under the covers on the bed during the day I’ve got that feeling I get when I’m ill, slightly icky, slimey, just ick. I feel like I need a shower. I doubt that’d help though. I should be sleeping and am hoping that this journal post will kill enough time that my tired body will over-rule my over-tired brain which is keeping me up.

I did have a little go at playing Russia Block (a tetris clone) on my mp4 player, but it has an annoying mis-code. The power-off button is used as a control button, and if you press it a second too long the darn thing switches off. Also, given it’s cheapness I’m pretty sure that the buttons are going to be fairly poor quality, so playing tetris on it probably isn’t a great idea. My main idea for killing time is to strip and sort the Clamshell laptop – it’s got a dodgy power supply connector – I’m presuming that it’s broken at the mainboard, the problem being that that means I have to get to the main board, and they’re not exactly user friendly in design.

Although that was a cute idea – I’ve realised while I’ve been typing that the Torx drivers required are in the shed. The shed is at the end of the garden. So I don’t think that’s a terribly good idea. I think I’ll watch some Grand Designs and see if I can re-find sleep in a bit. I was hoping that someone USian would be online, but I only know Sarah’s IM (yay for LJ) but she’s not online. So I’m lurking on IM and bored…and tired. I need to read ATNC tomorrow; go to Lidl and get a couple of Orchids and a USB Hub (because I’ve reached the stage on the Mac where there aren’t enough ports, so the printer, keyboard and mouse can all share one…

Hrm. Rambly tired post. Yay for me. I think I’ll stop now. At least the music’s good.


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