Une petite rantette

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So, I saw an ‘incoming link’ on my WordPress blog, which oddly appeared to be linking to an ancient post about Coniston Copper Mines. I shan’t name the place that it came from, but I’m always pleased to have people linking to posts….until I followed the link. It appears there’s some obnoxious company which has decided to use content from other blogs to pad-out it’s porn-peddling and advertisment ‘blog’. Presumably the idea is it gets indexed by google and the like, and by having random shite on there people will follow links and end up being bombarded with crap.

Given that I also suspect that they are the kind of bottom-of-the-gene-pool merchants who throw spam at people I’m not going to try e-mailing them to say they’ve stolen my content. Instead I’ll post this petty little rantette and leave it at that. Grr.


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