Good News!

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Well, I think it is. Jejy is off to have welding done in a week’s time, and my catalogue of jobs to do before she went consisted of:
– Service brakes and Engine
– Find and fit (at least one) exterior mirror
– Fit new indicator repeater to LH side
– Find fault with hazard warning light circuit

The last of which seemed likely to take a while (because the indicators work, but the hazard lights don’t), the second of which seemed likely to be potentially spendy (although I need to find a local scrappy, ‘cos they’ll be cheaper, one presumes), the third of which will take a while to do neatly, and the first of which will just take a while.

Fortunately through reading the MOT manual, it now looks like this:
– Service brakes and engine
– Remove Hazard warning light switch and tape wiring up.

Thus meaning all I have to actually do is service the brakes and engine, which I hope I can get done before I get the car trailered away. I am, however, slightly concerned by the slight rattle the car’s developed (went out for an hour today to pop ‘er up on ramps – Low hold or no Low Hold, she didnae want to go up the slope. Should my project with Nikki come together you’ll probably get to see that rather entertaining 5 minutes) for which which I couldn’t easily locate the source.

Anyhow, I should get back to my ATLS course.


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