Conflict of interest

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So, in my hospital above the glove boxes are located above the bins. The reason this is important will become apparent…. Against infection control procedure, I do, occasionally land up with a pair of gloves in my pocket. Being a latex-allergic soul, and the fact that the nitrile gloves are not in each bay, this isn’t entirely surprising. I won’t use them for anything remotely invasive, obviously. But might well use those be-pocketed gloves for scooping up poo, or one of the other delightful tasks that occasionally comes my way.

If I don’t then, sometimes, even more rarely, those gloves come home with me and they go into the box-of-gloves I have at home; being as I do my own car and bike maintainance and with the decoration we’ve been doing around the house *and* the fact I’ve been on holiday for 3 weeks the little box (which was once B&Q Vinyl gloves) had worked it’s way down to being empty…

Then a thought occured. When I pull gloves out of the box, sometimes extra gloves will fall out (because they’re very cheap packs of gloves and the gloves appear to have been wedged in by some sort of glove-wedging-obsessed-ape, rather than a nice machine that puts them in in an orderly fashion, leading to them sometimes being incredibly tangled). These falling gloves land – somewhat unfortunately – either on the floor or on the clincal waste bins, and are thus, well, somewhat inappropriate for using for anything ‘clean’. My usual response to this is to hurl the “no longer clean” gloves in the bin. But today it occured that, well, they’re probably still fit for working on the car…

…so now my clumsyness is, well, a conflict. Am I subconciously being more clumsy to make more of them drop… :)

Incidentally, the reason I don’t just buy some is that every time I’ve checked they’ve been around 14 quid for a box (plus postage, of course), which seems excessive to me.

In other news, I think Brick shall be sold in the nearness of the future. An exhaust has been sourced, and it sounds like Rebecca’s nearing completion. Where the money for Rebecca comes from I am unsure.


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