More time…

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I should perhaps have given the Codeine and brufen and ‘mol more time to work; by the time I got to the hospital i was debating returning straight home, but having forked out 7.50 for a taxi (I didn’t think I could bear a bus ride both ways) I felt kinda obliged. Not broken, very swollen was the answer.

The Codeine plus bus plus taxi has left me feeling pretty attrocious though. Although I saw tons of Slough I’d never seen before (that’s got to be the most indirect bus route ever) and also found a very ratty looking BMW Isetta sat on a driveway (careful john). Anyhow, I’m letting myself have the rest of the day off anyway (most ‘cos I promised Kathryn (and I can’t hold anything properly, and I feel really quite sick))… so, yes.

I have spent some time taking photos of the 1963 paper I found in the wall of the now gone bathroom… It’s far too degraded to keep, but it’s got a few interesting ads. It’s a Daily Mirror, by the way.


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