Quick update before I disappear

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So, the bathroom is now solventville, again. I put a third coat on the radiator – except for one bit which I brushed against while it was drying which means there’s one patch that now needs patching up, and my work teeshirt is well painted. I also played games with silicone sealant. Today was a ‘good’ day, assuming it actually sticks to the shwoer basin, something I’ve been having problems with. There’s two edges left to do in the shower, and the two teeny strips above the shower door.

I’ve also made a hole in the bathroom wall, it is, as I thought Lath and Plaster – and quite easy to disassemble (and quite fun in a dusty way); I need to remove part of one of the framing pieces though and then I can – theoretically at least – run the pipework for the boiler. I’ve also gained even more understanding of the way the house is wired (oddly) – and what I thought was the ringmain entering the kitchen now appears to be a spur for one socket that obviously wasn’t there before. Still, I’ll leave that as it is – can’t touch wiring in the kitchen; I really ought to get my City and Guilds in this sh*t, because I do so much of it and its always good to have more strings to your bow.

Sometimes dumb luck is just handy though; the builders put the soil pipe in a different place to where it was officially meant to go. A good foot or so to the right, looking from the back of the house. While this is a pain, it means that the boiler can, actually, go where I want it to. Just by sheer dumb luck they put the pipe in the wrong place, but if it hadn’t have been the boiler would have had to go somewhere else :)



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