I must have been busy

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I thought to myself, it’s a while since I’ve updated; I’ve been reading but for the most part been too busy or too tired (or most commonly both) to get around to actually updating. Thing is, my life has become insanely normal. I go to work (knackering, but exactly what I want to do); I come home and do DIY and I talk to bluwyngz. I’ve got tons of work that needs doing, bills that need paying, forms that need to be sent off, and I struggle through doing them.

Brick continues to ferry me to and from work; although the oil leak does seem to be getting worse, which is faintly concerning. I shall soon be getting him steam cleaned so we can work out where the engine oil is leaking *from*; and from there hopefully work out how to fix it.

Kathryn came back from Romania and we had a fantastic time together; she was incredibly patient when the batteries in my mom’s EV died, and we had to come back on the back of a recovery truck. We went out and picked Raspberries; which I need to cook today; and we made it out to another bit of Slough area green space. We were also quite homey, and went to B&Q (think Home Depot) to choose the paint for the bathroom (and the lights for the kitchen).

But really, while my life has been mostly delightful; the busy hasn’t been that exciting :)

At least, unless you want to hear about my progress with taking blood, or with giving IVs….


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