No, actually, it’s too hot.

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So I was going to try and sort the oil pressure switch, but it’s *way* too tight, and I fear snapping it. So I am actually going to let a garage handle it. And the service, because quite frankly 31.5 degrees C  (89 degrees F) is too hot for working on the car. Really, too hot. It’s too warm in the house for me anyhow (around 28 degrees).

Aircon anyone?

I did get the switch onto the bike, but I can’t check it terribly easily because (our survey said) the battery is flat. So I’m gonna charge the battery until say, early evening, and then try and make progress. I’d go for doing stuff in the house, but frankly, my eyes hurt. So I’m going to lie somewhere and feel faintly sorry for myself. And tomorrow, we shall attack the GP.


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