Argh. What to do.

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Before we start. Work yesterday meant that I didn’t see Dr Who. If *anyone* tells me *anything* about the second episode of Dr Who I may be forced to kill them. Kill them with pointy sticks of spoilering. Right? All clear? Good. I am attempting to use my usual nefarious means to obtain it, but I’ve not got it yet, so…

I have however watched Tokko. And just as promised it does appear to be what Torchwood could have been. Of course, I never did watch that much of Torchwood, the stupid set for their lair (I mean, office) bugged me loads and their use of the concept that ‘fuck’ and lots of sex makes an adult show in the first episode – well, it looked okay, but it failed to grab me – and what with my shifts not aligning with the BBC’s scheduling – that was kinda the end of it for me. I may see if I can borrow a copy and maybe watch it again, see if it really is as uninspired as I felt by it in the end. Tokko however had me scrabbling for the next episode, attempting to cram in all I could in the hours around work.

Being unsure as to whether it was intended to be a multi-series concept I was a bit worried that they were going to pounce on an ending like so many shows seem to; taking all that careful build up and throwing it away in a ties-everything-up-very-neatly-in-three-scenes ending, but they didn’t. So, uh, I’m happy, ‘cept that now I have to wait for Season 2 to appear.

So, Easter Sunday and I’m off. Handy, because I’m not off for another 2 weeks, well, I am, but I’ve managed to cunningly arrange a social life. A complete and busy one which means that even on some days when I’m working I’m actually going to be going other places (generally moderately far away places) after work.

The (very much an) upside of this is I get to see *lots* of Kathryn this month, which I’m dead pleased about, I also get to see friends I’ve not seen for a long time. But expect me to be knackered. Lots of the knackered. Anyhow, so I’ve got *today* and that’s really my day off. I need to clean, that much is very clear looking at the scattering of bits of crap on my lounge floor. Clean and indeed hoover. I need to do the washing up (as per usual), clean the fireplace, and the bathroom could do with a bit of a clean too. I need to wrap prezzies, which is a bit hard, ‘cos I still haven’t found *any* of the 3 or so rolls of sellotape I’m fairly certain are lurking in the house.

Which is annoying, ‘cos it means that yet again things’ll probably be wrapped using the rather more expensive medical tape I tend to also have kicking around. Strangely though, it’s not very good at sticking paper ;-)

I did however, despite it being Easter Sunday, manage to get to the supermarket. Possibly unfortunately, it was a Polish supermarket which whilst it had vegetables (although not the best quality ones) didn’t have any salad. Which was slightly annoying, or at least confusing. But I should have enough food to last out the week. Really though, the annoying thing was not noticing a much better little local supermarket directly opposite where I parked (I’d walked from there to the Polish one), which did appear to have salady stuff, but by then I’d bought more than enough to make up for absence of salad. Fooey. Bloody bank holidays :-)

Anyway, I suppose I should get on, although I’m trying to resist the urge to go and start work on the spare room. Part of me wants to get it done, and part of me knows that my arms hurt like hell from moving my mum’s TV stand and I really should rest them and let the muscles recover.


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