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So, I was going to rant about being insanely short staffed, having sick patients and trying to cope with that while simultaneously endevouring not to treat a third year nursing student as a health care assistant because you’re so short that you can’t possibly do washes and looking after the sickies at the same time.

I was, but I’m not now. No. Because I’ve had a sleep, I’ve had a very nice dinner (Pesto, veggie-pseudo-beef, peppers, tomato, onion and pasta), and in a shock move, slow though it may be, my network is actually currently working. But that’s not the only reason, on the plus side (plus plus), the Viva Workshop Manual arrived today (what’s faintly scary is I think that the manual for the viva is the same size as the workshop manual for the Minor, this isn’t scary in the sense of their level of complexity isn’t vastly different, it’s scary in that the minor covers 4 different variants, and the workshop manual for the HC Viva, merely one) and, most importantly, the internet has entertained me muchly while I wait for a file to copy (ever so slowly) across my network.

This is the best anti-movie-industry’s current approach to piracy poster I’ve seen; it made me laugh happily:

Pro-Piracy I guess :-)

And this is a review chock full of hate of a mobile phone. Somehow, seeing a piece of crap hardware get slammed in an entertaining way has cheered me up.

Both of these are, in fact, courtesy of Boing Boing which does keep me happily entertained, frequently. As it happens, tiredness is tempting me to suck down an alcoholic beverage, though why I want a depressant/relaxant when I’m so tired I could fall over I’m not entirely sure… So, everyone, how’s your world been today?


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