Now you’ve made me angry…

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I actually find myself really quite angry, today. Which is odd, because I had a good morning. I got most of the things I wanted to do – done. I had a nice breakfast, relaxed watched firefly. I got some letters ready to mail. My new homehub arrived – and lo, connectivity was restored in house of Kate. This hub, unlike my last one, does not require 24 hours of sitting around before allowing wireless devices to connect. Windows is now happier. Lots to install before it goes back to being a true hub of my entertainment universe, but happier.

I had a shower, not a particularly pleasant one, but nor unpleasant. I read LJ, I discovered that I may have someone in the Viva owners club willing to sell me a windscreen rubber for a bit less than the going rate – which considering mine leaks like a sieve is probably a good thing. Brick started and took me to the chemist and to the petrol station, and there I saw the news.

Since then I’ve had a little angry bubble of “FUCK YOU” rolling around inside me. And I’ve printed an application to rejoin UNISON. My membership lapsed after I finished my course, but suddenly I feel the need to be in a Union.


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