Lazy Sunday…Mornings

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I have stuff that needs doing.

Instead, I’ve watched The L Word, I’m up-to-date now, without saying anything spoilery, the telephone-tag episode is awesome; and the next two episodes are also really damn good.

Since lots of people reading this (not that there *are* lots of people, but a high percentage of the few that do) haven’t seen up to S4E8 then I shall shut up now. But my promise to myself to watch just the one episode didn’t really work out.

I’m meant to be tidying. The house needs tidying. And cleaning. And all that domestic stuff which I like the result of but have to find the enthusiasm to do. I also think I probably *should* go to my mum’s and collect the ramps, so I can service Brick. But again, y’see enthusiasm anywhere round here? No? No.

The other thing which has been bugging me in a major way in the house is that paperwork is entirely out of hand. I’ve got important documents I can’t find. The problem is, I used to have a filing cabinet. Or more accurately, I had a filing cabinet that wasn’t full of oil. See, when I moved into the rented place in Gatcombe Drive it came with a big ‘ol filing cabinet. So I stuck mine in the garage and it became a handy storage place for those lubricants that are required for looking after cars from the 60s. LM grease, EP90, and copperslip have all managed to thoroughly coat the interior of said object.

Hence I can’t really pull it back into the house. So I need a new cabinet – but the problem is, I want a nice one. The spare room is to be a bedroom-come-office, and I don’t want it to *look* like a bedroom with random office furniture. Which makes the ‘filing cabinet’ a bit of a problem. But at the same time, it’s easiest and simplest way to store the vast amount of paperwork I seem to need. Lots of it is obsolete but I have to keep it for tax purposes. So I’m on the lookout for a nice wooden filing cabinet. Without woodworm. Also for really cheap.

I don’t really like the modern laminated chipboard crap ones, I’m after one of those ex-army, solid wood and thin-panel things. One that’d match the doors :-)

Oh, I nearly made the lounge door fit. It needs to come off again. The bottom is a mil or so too low, and the frame is well-off-square and needs me to shave loads off the bottom edge. although, looking at it I’m wondering if I should take the plane to the other side of the door and make it narrower that way. Otherwise it’s going to be much-thin’d on one side. Hrm.

The hub continues to work ‘better’ than the previous one. Although for limited values of better. It doesn’t appear to crash-and-need to reset, but the PC downstairs still seems to limp at anything from a 5.5Mbps – 54Mbps connection. On the plus side it seems to reliably get an IP address. Or at least moderately reliably. However, actually getting videos downstairs is not an activity which will currently occur ‘on the fly over the network’. And seems to take several attempts, for the most part. And a lot of time. I’m not sure why this is. I don’t now know if it’s the homehub, the hubphone (which I’ve reconfigured again this morning – things *seem* to be hanging together still (I’ve yet to test if I’m still regularly disconnected)). I’m just a bit bored of it now.

In other news, my mother asked me to do something ‘dangerous’ before she left on holiday. She asked me to go to Richer Sounds. The amplifier my dad bought, uh, 20ish years ago has started to get like my own one – flakey. Mine exhibits this as crackles on powering on and as the two channels not being the same volume at “low” levels (not that it actually goes quiet, or anything (presumably the pot is dirty)). My mum’s entirely loses the right channel, and seems to need a lot of fiddling with to get it back.

But to be entirely honest, she really doesn’t need all the stuff she’s got. She needs a little dinky thing like the…thing…I’ve got. Oh ah. And some little speakers. Loud, but not nearly so big as she’s got. Hrm. I could just get her some bookshelf speakers, and give her my Denon thing. Mhm. Sorry, I’ll stop thinking aloud.

So yeah, that’s my Sunday.


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