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So I booked my holiday, at long last. A week in July in the Lake District, staying on Helvellyn. With Kathryn. Probably going up mountains in a Viva. Wish me luck. The minor’s a bit lighter than the Viva, otoh, the Viva’s more…uh… new? By a whole 2 years… um, yeah. Although, while Kathryn’s away I might see if can get a week off and commence the engine work on Rebecca.


Need to check Kathryn’s away dates.

Uh, I’ve also applied to join NHS Professionals; hopefully I can get some extrashifts in in my copious free time.

And Iappear to have filled up my nipod. Heh. James was making sarky remarks about the size of my music collection compared to my 4 gig nipod, but hey. After a few attempts, I started cutting down the quantity of albums by the same artist (max = 3 (radiohead), max norm = 2 (elastica, garbage and a few others)). I also probably ought to reencode some stuff at lower bitrates, ‘cos 256kbps VBR mp3s are probably a bit high quality. And probably make it work rather hard.

Now I need to source an appropriate USB cable and build a convenient approx 12-14 volts DC -> 5 volt supply. Since that seems to be what the charger outputs (it just charges straight off the USB port). That way I can have it charging in the car. Anyone got any neat suggestions?


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