Hooked, again.

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So, I’ve got my grubby little hands on some BSG Season 3. It’s 2033, and I’ve watched (so far) 4 episodes today. I am, in fact, hooked. It’s – again – such a good series. it’s interrupted my plans for this evening. No painting has happened (contrary to previous plans), I’ve not fitted the light (contrary to previous plans), I got takeaway (instead of cooking)….

But it is bloody good. Really bloody good. The problem with watching a show like this, like this (i.e. all in one huge great lump) is you never want to stop, and when you run out, everything’s so intense that it’s a real shock.

Aaanyway. So. On to Episode 6.

In other news, (not that there’s been much of that today), I’ve e-signed this. You should too, imho. Assuming you’re UKian.


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