C’est la [fracking cold] vie.

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My beloved mog did not, in fact, pass her MOT today. She failed on 2 points – one: the handbrake managed an astonishing 6% efficiency. 6. The word ‘pathetic’ is perhaps one that we could bandy about, were we the kind of people to be bandying words about with reckless abandon.

Sadly, she also failed on a split steering rod gator. They, however, were a fantastic bunch of guys who did the MOT and looked so desperately upset that they couldnae pass her. Not only that, but because she’ll have to undergo a retest then there’ll be a retest fee.

I have not bought the much desired new Wireless Router. Although, maybe I should take back the wireless card and see if I can swap it. The doojit. BT Shitehub might not be unhappy with a different card, alledgedly.

Annnyway – I’m on a training day tomorrow, which means I’m going in later than normal and staying until rush-hour. So, my poor beloved, having failed her MOT was promptly booked into the garage on the same site, which was recommended by the Mog owning mechanic I spent much time chatting to; although I will have to check my car still has servo / disk brakes when I get back ;-)

Anyway, leaving the car there meant I got to endure enjoy a charming walk back to my house, 45 minutes, thankfully in the thermal Old Navy tee I bought in AK, my Toronto Maple Leafs hoodie and my motorbike jacket. Preparation for the charming ride I’m sure I’m going to have tomorrow morning. Oh dear god. I’ve just read the forecast.

-1 Deg. C. I’m going to have to ride 20 miles in sub-zero temperatures. Uh, err. Bollocks. Seriously. I think I may have to wear every piece of clothing I own. And this assumes my bike starts tomorrow. Oh good jesus. It’s going to be *SO COLD*.

In the realms of being thankful for small (oh so small) mercys, I do appear to miss the forecast SLEET FUCKING SHOWER. ARGH.

I am so, so, going to be glad when my beloved mogster is back up at 100% strength. Although, she’s done 12k miles in the last year, so worn out brakes and a split steering gator really aren’t that much to complain about. Sadly there is a distinctly increased vibratory thing going on, so I’m not sure whether my ?high milage, ?condition pickup engine is going to be happy. It surfaces between 2 and 3k rpm, which makes it somewhat hard to avoid, only really appears when the engine is warm, and I’m really, truly, hoping it’ll be gone when they re-set the timing.

Anyway, I guess I better get on with my Article that I’ve got to read for the teaching session tomorrow; and so yeah. Yeah. Here I am. Defrosting by the fire…


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