One month in…

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And my hands are cracked to shit, my budget’s screwed by a plasterer of previously unknown quantites of evil and… the room’s got an undercoat of white paint. All of it. The room is WHITE. It’s like a special meeting of the BNP in there, between the white filler dust which coats every surface, the white matt on the walls, and the white undercoat on the skirting, it’s very white.

Photos of the progress at one month on Flickr.

I’m quite pleased with myself, and at the same time frustrated by most of the ‘professionals’ I’ve worked with, who’ve been late, not turned up, or overbooked. Which has meant that, as a general rule, I’ve been waiting on them turning up. I do wonder if the room would have been finished by now if I’d’ve not had the (really not very good quality) skim done. At any rate, I’m pretty pleased with progress. Sadly, my Xmas present to myself is not to be a lounge.

But it’s nearly there. In other news, Rebecca’s present this year is a Xenon Timing Strobe – because Halfrauds no longer stock ital points. At least, Slough halfrauds don’t. So, in 3 days time we’ll *hopefully* be on electronic ignition. Or I’ll be totally in the poo. In more biting news, presents are all wrapped, and I’ve discovered just how dangerous care of the older person nursing is.

In all my 3 months in A&E I got some verbal abuse from drunk patients, but never anything more. To be fair I was working in Bath, which is terribly posh. But still… In 2 months in CotOP, I’ve been slapped, had fingernails dug in, frequently been grabbed, and today we added punched (not hard enough to leave a mark, but enough to be sore) and having a glass of water thrown over me.

I have to admit, with the punch, the person got told off, right there, right then. The word ‘No’ got used quite a bit. With the water, I just cursed lots (having gone off to dry myself a bit), and then went right back to persuading this (very confused) woman that perhaps she would like to take her tablets (she will, happily, just I’d dared to move the glass too quickly). *sighs*.

Sometimes my job is less fun than it could be. Although, all in all today seemed to go pretty well. Despite being slow, and very thorough (my Xmas Eve gift to the universe); we still got to the end of the shift, and had time to do nice things. Which is always good.

So, yeah, and now I’m off to ring the Trey creature (and by extension, the Kara, and Kara family creatures).


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