Big, wet and pretty…

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Niagara falls, obviously. The falls are big, quite definately; and wet, yes, definately some kind of wet theme going on there. And pretty, very very pretty.

My mum loves waterfalls, and so do I – although I’m less prone to leaping in them (probably for the best in this case, especially given the not entirely warm 4 degrees C it was in Niagara). So I got there, and I oohed, and aahed and mostly just stood watching the water tumble and fall, each droplet eating away at the falls, taking them further back up the river. Like millions and millions of tiny grains each rubbing away at the surface of the falls.

They are stunning.

One of the benefits of going very-off season is that it’s pretty much a given that not many people will be there. In total, there were probably in the low hundreds of visitors; so I got to wander around and stare at things, and generally be thoughtful and engaged in the beauty of the falling water. Rather than being shoved and nudged and trying to avoid large numbers of children.

Sadly though, it wasn’t exactly sunny. Not bitterly cold, nor peeing with rain, but not greatly sunny. Still, there are the obligatory photos in my flickr thingie; and *I* had a good time.

I visited Wales off season, and it was shut. Much the same was true of Niagara, most of the tours, most of the gift-emporiums, most of the eateries were shut. Eventually I found a Subway that was open and taking cards (handy, as their cashpoints didn’t want to give me money)… I also spent a while enjoying the solitude of the unlocked but very closed Maid of the Mist ‘market’.

The only, very slight disappointment is that I was unable to get a wax lion, smooshed face or otherwise, from the falls. Most distressing.


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