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Yeah, on a more serious note I hate packing. With avengence. Part of the problem is I’m down to bitty bits, and I have been for a while. They are both hard to pack and hard to get the enthusiasm to pack. I just find myself wanting to say ‘oh for fuck’s sake’ a lot. It’s also the whole trying to work out what I’ll need, when I’ll need it, and so on.

Do I need this stuff in the next few weeks? Will I need this stuff in a month? Do I need this stuff when I go to Canada? If I get the house and move in will I need this straight away?

What clothes do I need? What shoes? Do I need my good coat? Do I need my bike gear out? ARGH! It’s making my mind melt. The back room is all clear. The kitchen needs packing still, the lounge is nearly clear. I did a run to the tip (Cheers Nikki) today – but forgot to take the old PC case (which I hoped would disappear by the old ‘please take me’ sticker and standing it outside, but it didn’t. I think it’ll land in the bin…).
I just would like the new job to start (it’s insane though, that it starts in 4 days time!), and the new house to be sorted (and things to go smoothly, they’ve not exactly *started* smoothly, the solicitors didn’t get my contact details, fortunately they decided to proceed and hope I’d ring them, or get the letter they sent and *then* ring them – but i just rang them today… and so that’s sorted).

I want people to ring me and say “it all looks good, we should have you moved in on Tuesday”. That’d be nice :-)


Tomorrow my internet goes away. The nasty man will come and take away my internet connection… *whimper*. And actually, I shall have no phone either, apart from the mobile. God, it’s weird. My whole life – most of my connections at any rate – exist because of my online life. It’s weird to completely lose that. I’ve still got my little 33k6 modem for the laptop at least, but that’s the entirety of my connectivity for the next month. I actually find that scarier than moving.

I am *so* addicted to the net. And now I have to go cold turkey…


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