Wallwart, circa 1960.

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So, I could have been hugely rich, it turns out. My dad invented the wallwart, to power his dansette. Or Frankensette as it should perhaps be called. For there is much that contradicts nature which occurs within the dansette of doom.

No, but seriously, if my dad had patented that idea… well, we’d be responsible for the hideousness that’s a wallwart – but rich at the same time ;-)

Clicky for pointless photos, and for progress on ‘t bikes.

So, this is the dansette of doom. It’s been mine since forever, it died years ago and is filled with modifications. Hopefully John and I can get it working.


And here is it’s frankensupply:

Wallwart, circa 1960.
wallwart 2

Like all my dad’s engineering stuff though, it’s incredibly beautifully made. The transfomer is mounted on an earthed piece of aluminium attached to the back of the plug. it’s all really neatly made…

Anyhoo, enough of the beautiful engineering. For those who’ve asked, here’s the engine from the pit of the rust monster:

1275 - plus rust

It’s a bit of a project is that one. I’ve got a head for it, but it needs a complete strip, rebore and rebuild.

I warn you there’s pink approaching. But first, this is Cherry at the moment:


But you all don’t care about that. You want to see Charlie…

Charlie's pink frame

Fearing the pink yet?


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