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I think I may own too many books. Too many CDs. Too much stuff generally. I realise that my insistance on doing all my maintainance myself, and having a bike mid-restoration does mean that there’s a certain ‘more stuff’ theme that’s going to be present.

I know that having trained as a biochemist, worked in IT and then moved to nursing there’s a certain amount of books and evidence of practice development which are kind of required. I used to be good at backing up my PC and doing semi-incremental backups so there’s a large wodge of CDs (but then I’ve not used the stuff on them for years; do I really need them? I’ve packed them…).

And unlike my normal approach of packing all my stuff up in one fell swoop just before I move, this time I’m just doing bits and pieces. I’ve been trying to clear Lauren’s shelves and then I started on my own set in the office – the idea behind that was that I could clean the area up a bit and it’d be a bit nicer to get some space in there.

It’s a bit distressing though to find that I’ve packed 12 boxes with books /folders (although some of that space has been packed out with odds and sods). 12 boxes. I think that’s more or less all of them. Not, you know, a true 100%, but we’re now down to the odd book that’s kicking round the house somewhere, as opposed to shelves full; but I do feel quite… frustrated by it. I thought I’d got rid of loads – and it’s not that many when they’re out, it’s what, 8 shelves full? Still, apart from one box they’re all easily liftable, and that last box is within my capacity to lift, it’s just ‘a bit heavy’. Of course, things get harder from here on in. I’ve got CD’s to pack, but I don’t want to start on them until nearer the move; same with DVDs and vinyl. I should, I guess, start sorting out the garage and stuff to go, but hey. I’ve also got to leave some of the computer stuff unpacked until after I’ve reinstalled / installed whatever.

I’m still waiting for the re-test results on my motherboard, I hope it fails; I *know* it’s faulty, but that doesn’t mean that it’ll fail at the time it’s meant to. Bah. I don’t really mind moving, but I hate it dragging out, and I really wish I could be 100% about where I’m going.


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