Lacking Empathy

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So, I’m at the end of my nursing course – as I’m sure you’re all painfully aware. I have two essays to resubmit, one of which I’m now fairly certain is a pass, at least (“I’m amazed at how much better this essay is” although I’m not sure if I’ve included how much reflection is a change agent, I’m letting that remain for ponderance). Anyhow, so that’s one I’m not so stressed about.

Essay 2, the Critical Evaluation in Causing Me Disasters essay, that I finally gave up on getting anything from Rod Ward, maybe he’ll e-mail me tomorrow, maybe not, maybe he’s on holiday? Who can say. Anyhow, eventually I rang this chap on the course who informed me that he could review it quickly – which is kind of him, but somehow, the repetition of ‘well, I am very busy, I can only give it 10 minutes’… it kinda made me feel small. The talk about being the module leader on a big-other-module, well, whoopee; this is the *END OF MY FRACKING COURSE*.

Ironically, the NP5 essay, the one I felt most cheated over, that’s the one I’ve got loads of support and help from. The Critical Eval one, the one which I thought was a bit of a ropey essay in the first place, that one I can’t get any help on. Or very little. I’ve e-mailed the module leader, the senior lecturer, I had no idea that Clare was on the team for that one… she would have provided some help – be it damning or not – but… hey.

I can’t wait until Monday evening, all this will be over, then it’s just money stress, job stress and house stress. Feh.


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