I wanted to love Ubuntu

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I really did. But I’ve just reentered a world remenicent of SuSE Linux as I left it 2 years ago:

I want to install a network card. Follow instructions: Edit config files. Discover it doesn’t work. Read manual further; if it doesn’t work install software X. Locate software X. Download software X . Go to compile. Requires software Y (GTK headers). Check install disk. Install disk says lists software Y. Attempt to install software Y. Software Y not on disk – is attempting to download from internet. Obtain software Z makefiles. Software Z is an alternative to software Y. Attempt to install software Z, software Z requires software A. Insert install disk, software A is listed. Attempt to install software A. Software A is not on install disk, it’s attempting to download from the internet.

Are we seeing a pattern here? I apparently need an internet connection to get an internet connection. Am I fed up? Yes.

Am I feeling like continuing to use Ubuntu? No, not really. I’m all of completely unimpressed. If they provided *packages* for the applications that I could download and stick on a CD, then I’d not be quite so pissed, but to make you download the source, copy it across and neglect to mention in their own Wiki that you Need A Fracking Internet Connection to compile the damn software, well, What Is The Point?!


Why can’t anyone write operating systems? Why? Why do they all suck quite so royally?


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