Okay, what’s wrong now?

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So, I came out this morning and plonked down at the PC to check my mail (yes, I am that sad, okay?); and it was sat at the log in prompt. Not unusual in itself, since this machine has multiple logins then it quite often sits at the log in prompt; but what was unusal was that when I logged in it was clear it’d rebooted.

There having been a huge storm last night I vaguely assumed that the machine had rebooted after a brief poweroutage. But I just came up now and it locked up instead of logging in.

I guess the reinstall is approaching quicker’n I might like.

In other news, I think I’ve hosed the battery Lauren put in my Laptop – I’d forgotten that she put it in there, and didn’t bother to charge the damn thing. It looks like it might give – at best, an hour, of battery life. I’m guessing that the 3800mAh battery should last longer than that. Fiddlesticks. That’s what I say. I dunno. Anyone know what expected battery life on a Dell CPi laptop is?


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