Blimey, that was fun

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You’ll have to excuse typos, I’m absolutely wrecked, and I’ve imbibed some alcoholic fluids during this rather warm day.

I’ve also piled on the laundry, so I really am exhausted.

No, yes, so, we did Pride yesterday. Me, Chrissy, Lauren and James (who’s the token heterosexual who saved our float, all cheer for James, he rocks and is an absolute star). Yes. We headed out *early* and this year opted not to forget anything, apart from where Baker Street is. Having found it, we parked up, Lauren and Chrissy registered and I assembled the car…

I have to say, that’s about the only photo from the day, fortunately James managed to get quite a few more. So I shall await his photo collection with impatient excitement. I’ve also been scowering the internet for pictures of Pride London, just to see if there’s any of me, ‘cos I am a media whore.

I spent most of the time in the Parade Saluting (interesting the effect on the police of saluting them :) ). It was enormous fun though. Are you getting the fun and excitment. Everybody loved Rebecca, and some people loved me ‘n’ James too (although I suspect James wasn’t up for that much lovin’)  :-)

Much to my suprise, given last year’s disaster, she coped completely fine with the heat, although the clutch got a little juddery near the end of the parade, and as I got tired I managed to stall her twice (forgetting about going out of gear before letting my foot off the clutch).

After we pulled off from Pride we deposited Lauren and Chrissy and headed out to the outskirts for the finding of the free Parking. Mission accomplished – parked outside the house of an retired-Irish-Mog-Builder (no, really); And James and I headed back via the much-closed Tube system, meeting up with Lauren and Chrissy in Soho at the alledged Women’s Festival. Only a lot of the women there seemed to be… well… men. Semi naked sweaty ones too. Anyhow, we still had a great time, and I spent far too much on funky rainbow striped earings, twin female symbol earings, a rainbow striped wallet (to replace my almost entirely disintegrated one), an excellent film called “Saving Face” (watched that today)… and other stuff which I can’t think of right now! Then we headed out for Dinner at… various places, but ended up at Garfunkels, just as we were giving up hope of finding something to suit all requests :-)
Finally we headed home, dropping James off at his place before making a rather tired run back to Bristol. It’d’ve been fine if it weren’t for the rather unforunate fact that the M4 was closed and the diversion they’d put in place took us not so much on a diversion as a full on country tour. Having looked at the map I’ve still no idea as to why they sent us that way – and as we pulled into the services, fuel gauge on E I had to admit defeat. I was so tired it was unbelievable. Thankfully, Chrissy had managed to get some Kip in the back of the car and she drove the last 20 odd miles home, because I was really not fit to keep going.

But, I had an AWESOME day. AWESOME. It was without doubt, the Best Pride I’ve been to, aided of course by me and my beloved car being centre stage. And boy did Rebecca get some lovin’ yesterday. I don’t think she’s got as much attention nor as many photos in one day, ever, ever in her life. It rocked :-) And she looked so cool, little blue light flashing. Police sign a’top the car. Although it makes me fear for humanity when I came to understand why the police were worried. People did think she was a real police car….

Heee :-)

Incidentally, here is the flikr photo pool for EuroPride 2006… And endless thanks from me to James, Chrissy and Lauren without whom this wouldn’t have been possible.


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