There’s no mistaking human error

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I’d say my bike let me down today, but it’d be a lie. My brain let me down today. I had the best day I’ve had on this ward so far. I didn’t do anything stupid, I looked after a patient of my own and started to grasp what I was looking for while looking after him, and when the end of the day came I left in gorgeous cool sunlight.

I walked to my bike and realised, having loaded my bike up, that I was a moron. I’d left the lights on; see, it’s a zed, a zed with the ignition switch based lights, and it goes:

Parking lights & Steering lock | Steering lock | OFF | IGN | Lights and IGN

And as I’d struggled to wiggle it past Off to Steering lock I’d managed to wiggle it one step too far, and not noticed this morning (Although I remember thinking it looked a bit wrong. But was more thinking about work. Anyway, after an hour the AA turned up (I’ve not needed ’em for a year, and then twice in 1 week… :-/ ). And I headed home. Sadly, because I was leaving at 4:30, not 3:30 the traffic was *terrible* by the time I got to Brizzy. Awful. Appauling. They’re digging up the A4174 – as far as I can tell, this is a permanent process – this time they appear to be digging up the barriers and central reservation to replace it with… more barriers and a new central reservation… that’s the same size as the old one.

I did see something saying they were going to tarmac it to make the road wider while they re-lay the tarmac on the section that they widened (but didn’t relay the road surface on) because obviously, partially closing the road to make it  three lanes, then closing a lane to tarmac the middle, then closing the new lanes makes perfect sense to someone…

Anyway, the narrow road-works lanes were so thin that I couldn’t filter through great chunks, and I managed to smack my hand-protector against a BMW – I was astounded when the guy just waved me off, although it was probably at 1mph – and at worst he’s got a bit of red to rub off.

Still I was glad to make it home and get my contact lenses off….


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