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Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why.

Kara gave me the letter Y. Things beginning with Y. Jeeze Kara!

1) Yellow. This is a bizzare one; Yellow is by no means a favourite colour of mine, but somehow it’s quitely lurked in my life since I’ve lived away from home. Back in Bishopston the corridor ended up being yellow (by my choice); the next house I think had a manky yellow kitchen; the house after that had a yellow lounge, here? Well, just Yellow curtains. But given that I currently live in rented places; yellow is an odd colour to encounter. It’s a bit too vivid for most rented places, and yet there it is.

2) Yank. Trey. Trey made a huge impact on my life; coming into my existance at a time when I was actually starting to get a grip on being on my own; and there she was. She turned my life upsidedown; and I’m still reeling from the effects. Suddenly my cosy little existance was blown out of the water; my closed off little world was opened and I found myself in a state so big it completely broke my sense of scale. I stood in snow deeper than I’d ever been; saw mountains so huge that my previous experiences seem but big and pretty hills.

3) Yehudi Menuhim. Well, he’s kind of standing in for Classical music. My parents raised me on a strict diet of 60s, 70s, 80s and Classical. The first record I remember, and the record I prize most highly is my dad’s very worn copy of the New World Concerto. It’s crackly and scratchy, but when I hear it I can see my dad there. It’s got his tiny little ‘DE’ in green ink in the corner. My dad and mum taught me to appreciate classical music; and one of my dad’s favourites was Yehudi Menuhim. Incidentally, the only problem with classical music is it suffers very badly when you compress it; and… it sounds terrible so I don’t tend to listen to it except when I’m ‘free’.

4) Yes. Yes is something I changed about my life a couple of years ago. I suddenly realised that fear was stopping me doing a lot of things. It still does. I’m still painfully shy and yeah. BUT, one thing that has changed is now if people ask me if I can do something, the default answer is ‘Yes’. I presume I can do anything – at least, assuming that there’s no reason I know I can’t (this is obviously less true at work!). It’s one of the most positive things I’ve ever done; of course, there are still moments of hideous self doubt, but it’s much less debilitating than before.
5) Yoke. A Yoke is part of a motorcycle… and we know what motorcycles are to me? Fun. Fun and cheap transport. Of course, mine are money sucking evil things. But *other* people’s motorcycles are fun cheap transport. This may have something to do with my obsession with MZs.

6) Yeast. When I was young I made ginger beer; a component of this was Yeast. I used to sell it at the school fair :-)

7) Yield. I used to be very… weak. I would yeild to anyone and anything. These days I’m somewhat hardier; like some sort of thin sticky tree on a mountain, my life’s given me a good hard battering and I’ve come out of it tired, but much stronger than if it’d all been easy.

8) Yelp. That’s what I do when I’m startled. Some might call it a shriek. I’m always astounded at just how high pitched my voice really is; I’m hardly a femmy girl, and my voice – on the phone I get mistaken for a bloke now and then (particularly when ordering bike or car parts); and then… I get surprised by one of my more evil friends and I let out an ear-piercing glass-shattering yelp. Yeah. So, uh. Don’t do that, m’kay?

9) Year-book. Our school did a yearbook. Reading through the signatures people daubed on it, at my behest, before I left school is desparately depressing. It’s obvious that people didn’t really know me or have any idea who I was. I might as well have had a photo of Wilma for all it mattered. *sigh*. I guess it shows how far I’ve moved on though, I now have friends that do know me, and care about me (and I care about them).

10) Yare. Apparently ‘Yare’ means ‘dexterous’. That’s me. I’m not saying anymore.
I wish I could’ve found a way to use Yataghan, but hey, I can’t manage everything :-)


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