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I’m in the weirdest mood. I should be working, I’m aware of that, but I just feel vaguely distracted and; well; not entirely 100% there. I want to do *something* but I’ve no idea what, I’m kinda tired, I’ve got about 1000 words of Dissertation done which isn’t really enough. I ended up watching Dr Who (that is such a sweet episode) and then flumping through my music video collection watching things almost at random.

I kinda want to listen to music, but I’m just… blah, really. I’d like to listen to music and lie downstairs reading a good book, but I’m slightly too tense to do that. The house auction is this week, and I want to know the result. To quote talking heads, I feel tense and nervous and I can’t relax (although, I’m not, as far as I know, a psycho killer).

I think I’ve just got a lot on my mind (do I ever not have?); the LHD bits arrived for Rebecca (not entirely helpful in some ways, ‘cos I can’t *do* anything with them but look at them and go ‘ah’). I’ll probably ask Lauren if I can use her yellow paint to mark it as an LHD part.  But that – and the stuff I was saying after the weekend – has left me very thoughtful. My future lies before me, but at the moment it’s all slightly unattainable. Worse than that, there’s nothing I can really actually *do* about it.

I also found, if I book direct with KLM or Air Canada then the flight to Toronto is actually *cheaper* than paying a chunk with Nectar points. Even more frustrating; the cost of flights from Toronto to Anchorage, which I was kinda hoping to do to visit Kara, Kaisa and Trey (et al.) adds 700+ dollars! Err, which is 350 extra quid. So it’ll cost me 300 quid to fly from the UK to Toronto and 350 quid to fly from Toronto to Anchorage? (Although it is *actually* about the same distance. Meh). Anyway. Yes. Hrm. I was thinking, well, hell, I’ve got 10,000 points on this Nectar card for me to just ‘spend’ then (although we’ll save that thought until we get the flights booked) – and y’know what? I discovered that 7,600 points gets you a 30 quid dvd. *sigh*.

I think something may have changed in the Nectar points system.


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