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So, I know when I’m still ill; despite feeling better (not well still, but better) I have the concentration span of a flea (or a fela, if I’m following my typos and vaguely insulting a 50% of the population). This is not abnormal for me; in general I have a very limited concentration span these days, and flit like some moth between shiny things that entertain me.

However, when it comes to the crunch I can put my mind to it and work. Unless I’m remotely unwell, in which case I can’t. I find myself struggling to retain even a vague semblance of organised thought; each sentance ending halfway through; each thought interupted by another. It’s really quite frustrating. It’s probably why I’ve got on well with Azumanga Daioh and The Fast Show. None of them require great concentration, and both of them leap about like frogs on ecstasy.

Aye, so despite prodding at my Dissertation for the last few hours, I’ve done it with the enthusiasm with which one might go about unblocking a drain; and with a complete inability to formulate decent meaningful sentances, or hold in my head for more than a few seconds at a time which papers have what features.


I have however, wrapped my little Nephew’s birthday present, which I shall send tomorrow (having double checked, due to my paranoia, that he is 3 and that his name is spelt with a k); I’ve also found out where the houses my mum wants to look at are. I’ve also made vague and hopeful plans to go to Tesco in a bit and see if they’ve got a TV for my mum. I’ve e-mailed uni to say “I was off sick, sorry”. And spent an inordinate amount of time waiting for people to update LJ or the MMOC website. Um. So. Yes. Oh, I’ve failed to go to B&Q and get new blades for the mower, which is bad, because our back garden now looks like a field (if Trey had her horse, it’d be happy there, I promise). Um, I think that’s it. Oh, and I applied for two jobs in Manchester. So go me? Yes, go me.


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