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I was talking to Nikki about music, or more, she was talking and I was listening being as I was knackered. About how music can evolke a moment, an emotion, an experience that you’ve linked to it in your memories. This can be a good thing, songs can make you happy, or sad, or remember something. The New World Symphony evolkes my dad for me I can’t listen to it without crying.

I still love it though, it’s one of my favourite pieces of music.

One of the distressing things about my life, which I thought of when I got this, is that I don’t get to give music the time it deserves. Music is a huge thing for me, I love it, it’s the soundtrack to my life, with my memory being so lousy music and pictures pull great chunks out from places my brain had forgotten they existed in. And at the moment, the current ‘in’ music, well, a lot of it fits in with my tastes. My tastes are pretty broad, and seem to have got broader as time’s gone on. I’m hoping this will be a trend which will continue; like a much cuter version of John Peel (and without the presenting talent) – I just love hearing something new.

But, because of my uni work and various other things. No, mostly uni work, I just don’t listen to music. Writing my dissertation takes up enough of my brain that if I do have music on (which sometimes I need, sometimes the quiet is overpowering) then I don’t listen to it, it’s just background. If I put music on, like now, then I listen to it on the crappy little ‘Creative Labs’ speakers which I pulled from a skip at Xebec. One of the things I’m really looking forward to, when I finish my course, is listening – properly to some of the music I’ve aquired over the last few years. And going to gigs.


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