And today I’m exhausted.

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I did nothing useful last night. I watched Due South and Northern Exposure. Got very introspective (which is not uncommon for me) and generally sat around wondering what I’m doing. Looked at Vancouver and Toronto again. The actual availability of jobs *before* I move, in Vancouver is very appealing. Hrm. Lots of thoughts. I think it’s the whole ‘going to visit’ thing, and actually looking at flights and seriously considering things which means that I need / want to make more of a decision. Bleh.

Both have advantages, both have disadvantages, both are pretty equally appealing. Nyurk. Thinky thinky.


Of course, I’m probably still thinking like a Brit. But then I don’t know any other way to think. I was meant to work this morning, on my dissertation, so that I had more to present to my dissertation supervisor. I’m so tired though. I’m trying to get some enthusiasm for lunch, but I suspect that what I’ll take’ll ve exactly the same as yesterday (block of cheese, salad, pitta, funyuns (*waves at Rachel*)). And dinner may well be the 8p packet of instant noodles (chicken curry flavour) and some toast.

Why two meals? Because my dissertation meeting is at the time I’d normally drive to work. And having my lunch before I leave at 10:45 doesn’t appeal.

I finally watched the end of Kasimashi yesterday; it’s very sweet. It actually *is* very sweet, and I kinda liked it.

Frustratingly, Ais invited me to watch the Presidents of the USA; who are in Nodnol on May 20th. I’ve not been out to a gig for years, I’m going to the theatre and to a gig. Two weekends in May. In the entire fracking year I’m busy in the evening with something I can’t move, and they put their gig on one of those nights! Swine people. *meh*. I think I need to clone myself so I can do more things.


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