A few hours my shiny metal ass.

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Did I say it’d take a few hours to get that bike on the road? I recall saying so.

Yesterday I worked on it for the 4 hours of morning I had and got the brakes rebuilt. Not fitted, but rebuilt. Last night, after my 8 hours of shift work and 2 hours of commuting I got home at 1030, changed and headed out to the garage to continue working on my bike for an hour and a half. I got the brakes together, with brake fluid in, and working if ineffective. This morning I’ve spent a further 2 hours on the bike and got the brakes spongy but maybe acceptable. I need to stop, on the way to the MOT, and get a new sidelight bulb.

I had to swap the exhaust from Claire on, because I noticed a hole in the one that was on the bike (oops, I thought it wasn’t quite *that* rusty. I may scrounge to Nikki to see if we can’t weld that back up). I’ve got an MOT booked for 1600, I only hope the bloody thing starts, I tried and discovered that the battery (not exactly the most cared for battery in the world) was giving an astounding 9 Volts… when not under load. I didn’t bother to see what the laughably pathetic load-voltage was.

I also need to swap the clutch lever over, ‘cos otherwise it might fail on that (I’ve no idea how picky this MOT place is, it’s not my usual one which seems to have become very busy; presumably as all the summer bikers get their bikes MOT’d). Ironically, I got the SORN declaration through today; so hopefully I’ll be able to tax’er this afternoon, the day the DVLA’s letter saying the bike’s off the road arrived :-)

Work yesterday was pretty good, except that I got the time for someone’s tablet moved, and then promptly forgot to give it. Frack. To be fair, yesterday afternoon was chaos in a tin; the ward round happened so late that it was actually occuring during hand over. I got all my competencies signed off, I now need the front sheet signed by Bridgit who’s my associate mentor, but the one who actually has the Mentor qualification. *And* in ultrasuper-good news, I talked to someone who worked at the hospital I’m applying for work at – apparently it’s generally a really damn spiffy hospital to work at; so I’ll get that application off this weekend, maybe even today. And in ultra-ultra-super cool news, Dee agreed to be my referee *smiley*

All cross your fingers now, I need this job.

In weird things, I was listening to Radio5Live (yes, yes, but AM radio choices are sorely limited these days. And I got sick of ‘Classic Gold’) and they played… American Edit. And were inciting people to download Mashups. And commenting on the insanity of one thing being classed as a piece of music ‘cos it’s licenced and the other being evil piracy and destruction of the original author’s work, because it’s not licenced. Sometimes I want to hug the BBC.

Finally, I’ll leave you with the ‘treat me better’ video that James found (James is, incidentally, your source for online coolness),


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