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The world is peachy keen and super cool today. Why you ask… WHY?

Well, because:

  1. I have the bits to fix my motorcycle in a little box behind me.
  2. I have completed the 2000 word essay.
  3. I have completed all my EU Packs.
  4. I have completed my learning outcomes.
  5. The bike is insured from tomorrow.
  6. The only thing between me and no-more-uni-work is my dissertation. A teeny little 6000 word story, 2500 word conclusion and proofing and making the suggested changes to the 500 word abstract and 1000 word introduction.

So, the world rawks; James ultra-super-rawks for proofing my essay and suggesting the really bloody good changes which turned my essay from ‘okay’ to ‘fan-bloody-tastic’ (at least, as far as it can go for a tedious meta-analysis of a reflection). I’m now going to munch on an apple, make a cup of tea, and see if I can’t turn Cherry into a working bike before lunch.


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