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So, I did the run to Bath and back in about two hours which wasn’t too bad given the time for me to hand in my Petrol Reclaim form, hand in EU packs, my essay, and find parking.

Oh, and I stopped to buy bras. My bra collection, if you could call it that, was getting on for pathetic. 2 of my favourite bras had actually disintegrated (to the point that the straps were only held on by my re-stitching attempts). It really did look a bit sad, so I stopped and picked up new bras…oh, and a new skirt… and new combats to replace the ones that have started to hole… and a new top.

Um. That wasn’t meant to happen. But the problem is b’wise QS Select (*raises eyebrows* isn’t rebranding fun? It’s next to poundland InStore…) is ridiculously cheap. No doubt I’m supporting disgusting labour practices, but until I can afford not to (I shop loads at Charity stores too) then I don’t have a lot of choice. I can’t wander round nekkid. Or I can. but… yeah. Mmm.

Incidentally, teeny little inside pockets on bags should be banned. Why? Because I nearly had a heart attack after emptying out my bag when I got home and not finding the keys. I’d removed the carpets from my car, run my hands down the backs of the drivers and passenger seats and started to reach the stage of thinking I’d have to drive back to Bath and see if I dropped them.

And there they were, lurking in this tiny pocket of the bag. They’d fallen in there – and obviously didn’t fall back *out*. Grrr. Anyway, on with dissertation prodding.


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