I’ll just take an hour off…

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(4 hours later)

Yeah, so I thought, I’ll just swap the hinge, a really nice bloke on the MMOC sent me a replacement hinge, ESM only list one so we wrongly assumed they were all the same – it turns out there’s a different variant of the hinge. Of course, this only became apparent when I looked rather more closely at it, having spent several happy hours swearing, leaning heavily on things attempting to persuade the panel gaps to be right, trying to coax the door into not hitting the wing, and eventually calling John to see if he had any ideas.

Attempts to remove the hinge pin to take the different part from the old hinge (which was okay) and swap it for the new one, that failed too. Eventually we settled for making up some spacers… and adding some washers… the door now shuts beautifully, but the word ‘bodge’ springs to mind.

I shall clearly have to obtain a new hinge. I also, sadly, need two hinge bolts as two of them stripped their threads instead of coming out. Sometimes I wish I’d not started these jobs.


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