A swimming pool you say? How delightful

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Lord am I tired… It was the burial of my dad’s urn / casket today; and the service at Amaravati. ‘cos my mum was stressing I drove over to hers last night – enabling us to set off at 6:30 this morning. Unfortunately it also meant I slept terribly; I think I got about 3 hours. Then we got in my mum’s car and I drove us to Amartavati in Hemel; It was only about an hour and a half, and the traffic was pretty good really. The service was really nice; the dahna offering went well too; the little nephews behaved themselves really well :-)

I got to try more Thai and assorted other asian foods – and apart from accidentally eating a chilli (and the accompanying period of me *looking* like I’d just eaten a chilli) and the experience as a whole was a good one. Driving back though, what with drinking only decaf, and the minute amount of sleep, I really really struggled. Anyway, got my mum back, fixed her waterfall, drank coffee, picked up my birthyday presents,m hopped in the car, drove back here and found… the subject of the title.

The damp survey is back on the house; it’s got *no* damp proof course at all. It is all but a swimming pool (Moisture content as high as 28%) and 2 walls in two rooms need to be replastered floor to ceiling ; but the quote for this is actually what I was expecting as the quote for *just* damp proofing to be, but actually they’ll do floor to ceiling plastering and 1 m high in the other rooms. So it’s really all *rar*.

It’s not really any worse than I expected; and actually better in some ways… so we await wednesday with baited breath.


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