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Two EU packs down, one down to 4 questions (I need to go borrow videos which I think I’ll do after Easter). This is an *enormous* improvement. Two of the packs are finished to the point that I just need to walk down and hand them in. They’re printed and all. Sadly – huge waste of paper – I printed the Mental health one on the wrong printer in a moment of distracted distraction. So that is a shame, ‘cos I then had to reprint it in colour.

I’ve just shaven my legs so as I can go swimming (with Ms B in a bit);  I’ve discovered that Podge and Rodge have their own talk show (as well as a DVD) – which is bizzare and entertaining. I’m pondering quickly cleaning the shower before Nikki gets here. There may well be less of me around this weekend; as I’ve got friends coming for the weekend!

Actual Friends. Visiting. From afar. Look, look, I have a social life! Look! No, seriously. ;-)


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