Why I shouldn’t go to tesco when I’m sick

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I just spent 10 quid. I went to get: Milk, lettice, maybe some orange. Came home with Milk, Lettice, Orange juice, Tortillas, Cake, Tissues…


On the other hand the balm tissues are far nicer than the kitchen roll, the choclate muffin is making me feel better and is quite definately what I wanted.

The heating is working today too, which is incredible. In fact, if anything it’s gone a bit over-zealous. I just looked at the boiler and it’s indicating 3ish Bar, which is definately into the red – too high – zone. I’ve turned the boiler down a bit hopefully like, but I think that the engineer does need to come look at the heap of crud. I’m vaguely expecting the radiators to explode now ;-)

I can’t decide about work tomorrow. If I go, I’ll almost certainly be more productive than if I stay at home – and I’m not really that ill; but if I go I may well become that ill, and I don’t like taking colds to work; especially when I’m supernumary. Bah. More pondering. We’ll see how the orange juce and sleep diet I’ve taken today affect it.


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