Too Much Music?!

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The one problem with the huge expansion in the sheer quantity of music available to the music lover with the rise of bittorrent / mashup sites / fast internet connections / amazon “ship me this cd right now”.com and the like is that I now have enough music on my machine that… well. Having encoded my entire CD collection (I really did, and yes it did kill my DVD drive) and whatever, I’ve now got 51 Gigs of music alone. 51 Gigs.

That’s mostly VBR encoded MP3s and some Oggs (can you tell I used to use Linux a lot?). That’s 10,059 files (there’s some playlists in there and CD-covers for mashups, etc. But essentially, that’s about 10,000 music tracks). There’s some repetition, because I did the encode everything more than once; and there’s CD’s I downloaded that I later bought and encoded . And yeah, it needs sorting. But have you ever looked at 51 gigs of / 10,000 files and thought about manually going through and looking for duplicates? I got rid of a few files by putting a file comparer on which compared filenames and so on, but still there’s loads. And there’s single files from back when I didn’t have so much disk space – and then there’s files where they’re on a best of or various artists album and also on an album I own (for example, Garbage’s Milk is on the Garbage album, but also on Ladykillers).

But if I remove one then… I need playlists for everything.

Yeah. And that wouldn’t work well. Because… it wouldn’t, okay?

So yeah. The reason I bring this up – because I was listening to the Best of Bootie album whenever I downloaded it; and I wanted to listen to it *today* and couldn’t remember what it was called. After a while I though it started with ‘B’ and still couldn’t find it. Eventually I went through the entire alphabet one file at a time… and… found it. But… It was just… not good. I now have so much music… that I can’t find what I want to listen to(!)

And I’ve *still* not got round to building the video/music player for the lounge, which I’ve decided could really do with a touchscreen / flat-screen; because then… well, then you’d not have to have the TV on while listening to music; I was considering mounting the thing in an indy case, if John decides to get rid of it. Of course, actually getting it is low down the priorities list… Heh.


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