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So, the last few days have been a bit weird for me – most of my IM friends have been working loads since I came back from my mum, so I’ve kind-of been sat here going ‘hrm’ a lot. Visiting my mum is always a bit… hard. Good, but hard.

I did spend quite a while wondering whether I should go to the Student dinner thing; I’m kind of not sure. I think the thing is, I went to a school reunion once, way back, and felt like a third thumb so I’m a bit phobic about these things. I guess I just don’t know the people on my course that well. But if I don’t go – well, it’s a bit of a vicious circle really.

I also need to book some shifts at A&E now I’ve had my induction. Yeah. I need some cash. The induction was weird. I don’t think she entirely knew why I was there; I didn’t know either; and yeah, it ended up with us wandering round and looking at the place and her asking me what seemed (to me) ‘interview’ style questions.

At any rate, it looks like I might be able to head to A&E there as *well*, but as she said, they don’t take people until they’ve got 9 months experience, by which time I’m hoping to be well into preparations for ‘buggering off’. I know it’s pathetic, but I’m feeling a bit crap about Valentines this year; so I bought myself something (how sad is that) – a couple (well a few, technically) of the books I’ve wanted for ages… Ohh, I should move them off the wants page (hang on…). Ah, ironically, I didn’t know one of the things was available; and two of the books didn’t make it on there… Ooops.

Anyway. Yeah. Now see, I’m missing my online people (none of them being online)… Although my hands are hurting the way they used to when I was in IT. Part of that’s my appauling posture at the computer.

I actually got off my arse today and washed my car – and Laurens (oooh, the generosity). I also hoovered the interior – my car now looks moderately respectable again – less so since I sprayed a variety of the seams which are in need of attention with penetrating oil again, so the shinyness was short lived. But while I was washing the car I saw the water was still running off the bits I’d sprayed before, so it’s doing it’s thing.

If this seems disjointed and tired, it’s because I’m all disjointed and tired… :-)


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