Starting to get the hang of it now…

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It’s funny, I’m starting to get more of a hang of things I can do at work; and I’m getting things done. I mean, actually getting patients treatment; rather than passively doing the job – I’m chasing people, getting people tests, getting people scans, getting things moved on.

It’s a good feeling. Even when you’ve had to spend an hour on the phone (probably, overall) spread across 5 phonecalls, you’ve chased everyone, you finally get the person the appointment they need to see the person they need to see and you go and tell them – at which point you get:

“Oh. But my wife’s coming in then”.

Not quite what I wanted to hear…

Still. It’s good. I had 5 patients yesterday? Did I say in my long rant about how crap the universe is? Yes? okay. Well, like I said, I did, and that was good. Today I just had the 3, which was piddlingly easy in comparison. Although I’m still wary about discharges. More practice; then hopefully they won’t be so scary.

This machine is all (for a limited, it’s got the stuff on so I can use it for work / relaxation, but not most of the software I use in my spare time) installed now; which is something to be very greatful for. However, it’s cost me a lot – not financially, but time and energy. And my exhaustion is as great as ever. I don’t feel up to working at all today – so I’ll be doing that tomorrow; and my mood doesn’t really fit with the day.

Things have gone quite well today, but I think the constant tiredness is getting me down – and I like the days when I essentially work ‘with supervision’ more than the days when; like today; I am working with someone. I always feel much more like I’m learning more. Anyway. Enough whining.


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