One of those joyous moments…

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Getting out of the car after 6 hours driving. Although logically I knew that the 350 mile journey to pick up my bike’s engine would take around 2.5 hours there and 2.5 hours back plus a bit here and there; I neglected to think about it really. 6 Sodding hours of driving. 1.5 of them, roughly, through London’s heavily congested and very slow moving traffic. My left (clutch) foot is really, really tired.

I’ve not actually eaten lunch, but that’s not important because I’m not hungry. I actually felt pretty good when I got there, it was the drive back that’s really been the killer. Mind you, I’ve averaged 50mph over the entire journey which is pretty impressive.

I also singularly failed to get lost, which tells you that I’ve been to Burwin once too often.

Then I got back… there was an exciting looking silver ‘signed for’ letter. How to explain… I have some problems with some ID documents; I found out how to correct them. It didn’t seem to complicated, there were even forms for sorting out the problems. I filled in the forms, got other relevant people to fill in the forms. And then they sat, because I had to go and see a solicitor to get various things statutory-rily declared (if there was such a thing). Anyway, I finally got that done, about 5 months after the forms were filled in. Sent them off.

Got them back, very quick turn around; they’re no longer the correct forms. The forms have changed. I’ve managed to get them to send the form *directly* to the person who needs it; but since it took him a month to fill it in last time and it’s got to be in in one month? Meh. I don’t value my chances that highly.


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