Food so good it’s probably illegal

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So, I was pottering around the office (not much space for pottering, really) and prodding at my essay with all the excitement of a dead goldfish when Lauren arrived home and suggested that we should get takeaway.

Specifically, Mexican take away (or “my favourite” as I like to call it). So I tried to ring our well used Mexican Takeaway. There’s only one that we know of in Bristol – El Compadre. Only there isn’t only one anymore, there’s none. It’s shut.

So out with; “Mexican Restaurants / Bristol”.

Ring – no answer. Ring – don’t do takeaway.

So we make a decision. We’ll go out for dinner. Yes, Out. Piling into the Minor, we headed out… and found that our first choice was…fully booked. All evening.

El Compadre, definately shut when we went past.

Drove around slightly confusedly.

Next choice… couldn’t remember how to get there.

But the next one, they had a table available (shortly after we got there). And the food was… mindblowingly good. My god it was good.

The dessert. It was, I’m positive, illegally good. Something small, cute and furry must most definately have died to allow a dessert that good to exist. So big thankyou to Lauren who took me out to dinner. And now I must to bed.

Oh, but I’ll share this link with you. It’s so good. And… one last thing; Toron’o. Toronto. Toron’o….


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