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The quality of this screwdriver set might not be all that I’d hope…

The new fan heater, it smells revolting; but it’s got a ceramic element, and hell, it was 10 quid. Unlike last time I’ll be keeping the receipt (you have no idea how many itterations of the word receipt I went through before my brain went ‘no, you spell it like that‘), because these days 10 quid matters much more than it did when I bought that EWT pile-o-crap. This one is also held together with screws, but disconcertingly, it has a ‘caution’ light. What’s that about?

Anyway, if John has an appropriate screwdriver I’ll take the other one apart ‘gently’ and fix it for garage use, if not then I’ll use it as my first welding project – making a new metal case for it after I chop the plastic one apart to get the bits out. I can’t just junk it. It’d make quite a good garage heater – 2,000 Watts is about as warm as I need down there. Also I can add in a ‘fan only’ switch which is always handy. This thing is suprisingly warm :-) I also, in a spate of overspending, picked up a squeegie entirely for my rear view mirrors. Problem is they’re too small for the normal window one, and it’s been driving me nuts that I can’t see out of them. So now I’ve got a specifically for mirrors one :-)


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