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So…yeah. I slept today, which is good. Yesterday I didn’t sleep well, and by half past 4 my body was rebelling vigerously against suggesstions that I should stay awake. I think I probably drifted off, briefly, a few times. On the other hand we were so quiet (and I can say that word because I know that tonight we will not be…) because they decided the ward should stay closed until we’d had 72 hours without infection. This is good practice – and as it should be – however, it was also ‘dull’ and ‘very unusual’ – normally at 48hours they call it enough and open the ward.

At least they didn’t choose to open us – despite their desire for beds – in the middle of the night which I thought might happen.

As it was it was quite a pleasant evening – spent most of it getting to know the staff some, chatting about life… in the end I ditched the idea of taking a break – there just didn’t seem a lot of point – it wasn’t like we were working incredibly hard. Just the occasional get up – move a patient or check they’re all still okay.

The only slightly annoying thing is I managed to take out two flat batteries and swap them for the two flat batteries in my CD player – thus enabling me to not be able to listen to a CD on the way in to work – which I’d intended.

Driving home was also a bit scary; I was right at the limits of tired. My body saying “SLEEP YOU PUNK ASS BITCH” and similar phrases – so I was fighting to stay alert the whole way home. Fortunately the traffic wasn’t quite so bad today, so I got home and fell into bed. I should’ve washed a uniform, but… I didn’t. Which is annoying, ‘cos it needs a wash, really. Actually, I’m gonna go stick it (a uniform) on now, before I have a shower.


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