Nothing to see here, move along.

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Quick test of the Performancing plugin for Firefox. I set my alarm for 6am instead of 7am. So I’m up, showered, hair-dried, dressed and part way through breakfast. I’m also tried, cranky and wondering what it’s going to be like from Monday – with Trey not here.

I’ve not spoken to (anyone very much) Trey for the last couple of days; with the whole knowing she’s moving away me feeling crap and so on. So… I dunno what it’s going to be like. Bleh. Anyway, I’ve not got anything to say really, so I’ll stop.


Kate's allegedly a human (although increasingly right-wing bigots would say otherwise). She's definitely not a vampire, despite what some other people claim. She's also mostly built out of spite and overcoming oppositional-sexism, racism, and other random bullshit. So she's either a human or a lizard in disguise sent to destroy all of humanity. Either way, she's here to reassure that it's all fine.