Like a week old takeaway left on the side to moulder

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That’s how I feel. I am *so* incredibly tired. I actually took to slapping myself on the face periodically as I struggled to stay alert on my way in to Bristol. Having parked up by the sadly defunked North Bristol Baths – still gorgeous – I headed over to the illustrious and much favoured Coffee #1 – where I spent about 5 minutes trying to work out how much cash I had. In the end I decided I had £5.50, and then when the woman asked for £4.95, I couldn’t actually work out that all I needed to do was not give her 50p.

So, in the end I trusted her (I really was very tired) – gave her the pile of change – and she gave me back the right amount…. and a very, very yummy hot chocolate and a brie and cranberry pannini. And I sat there reading Kushiel’s Chosen fighting my brain and attempting to stay awake.

It was actually dead nice to pretend that I had money for a bit – relaxing in a nice cafe having a nice quiet read.

And then I took Rebecca to her MOT.

….this is always one of those stressful and expensive times of the year.

But for the first time *ever* she passed. Two advisories – both pretty important – the handbrake only *just* meets MOT requirements, and one of her shock-absorbers is…well, just adequate right now, but probably not for much longer.

So, that’s some fun for me to work on. I knew I needed a new brake drum – so I guess I *do* need a new brake drum – but anyway, whole bundles of Yayness there. I also found a french-english dictionary (and a grotty bit of entertainingly bad GLBT fiction) for a combined £1.25.

I then managed to home, where I semi-collapsed for a bit, ended up giving up and actually sleeping for an hour and then headed out to councelling – which looks like it’ll follow the same path as last year. I’m feeling a lot better – I almost felt a fraud going there today – but once I start talking about stuff then yeah, I feel a lot crap. I’m bouncing back faster though, and I’m feeling a lot better *most* of the time. I think though, the space will help.

On the way back, in a staggering fit of enthusiasm I took the shiny new MOT certificate (is it just me, or are the new certificates crap? They just look like a bill from the garage) and the insurance docs round and got my shiny new tax disk.

There’s something terribly enjoyable about getting a Tax Disk for a historic vehicle….

Here’s my forms, yes, mmm, you do some work, yes, and give me the disk, and that’ll be *free*. *Dancie-dancie-shoop-shoop*. Yes, I’ll sit down again now. No, you don’t need to call security. Thankyou very much for the tax disk. No, I’ll leave now. It’s okay.


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