Well, that didn’t last long

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So, this was my post. Started when I was in Alaska. Gone now, rewritten, reworded, replaced. I feel rough still.

I made it part way through my case before stopping. I needed to stop. I’m surrounded by reminders of a failed relationship. A friendship formed, it doesn’t make up for that loss… That loss of feeling loved. Of feeling… like I was with someone. I feel so alone.

I don’t know if it’s me? Is it me? Am I the problem?

Am I just incapable of maintaining whatever it is you need to have a decent long term relationship?

Am I just too messy? Too different? Is there anyone who will ever love me for who I am? I felt, feel, so comfortable with Trey that she saw all of me. My dichotomous character exposed for her to see, I don’t know. I’m very lost. Very very lost.

I was okay. I am, I will be okay. I am not… at the moment… okay. I just… I don’t… I hurt.


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