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For some reason I am phenominally tired. Completely exhausted. I know I was playing about on my guitar last night, and we went swimming for the first time in *ages* yesterday, but still. I am *so* tired. Unbelievably so.

I have this urge to go kip, and if I wasn’t getting up at 2:30 to go pick Trey up from the Airport then I would. But I am, so I need to stay awake until say 2130 and then head bedwards.


I’ve spent about an hour practicing today. I got a tuner earlier and the guitar was tuned way sharp – mind I’d fiddled with the tuning since yesterday. They were all similarly sharp though, so it was roughly in tune with itself. Having done that I’ve been playing various things from my guitar tutor book; I want to get Nikki round to check I’m holding things all right and whatever, and I think she’d like to try my guitar out.

It sounds alright to me, sufficently like a guitar. Doesn’t explain my tiredness though.


And in other news, today hasn’t been a good day inside my head. That is all.


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