Distant lands

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Well, I’m all excited. I keep bouncing around the house. It’s only 3 days ’til we head Alaskawards, I’ve got my new shiny glasses; I’ve got my contact lenses; I’ve washed and waterproofed my coat, I’ve burned a load of music onto CD-Rs; I’ll be making up a DVD+R later for Kara; I’ve got a couple of Xmas / Thankyou prezzies to take.


I’m going to be in Alaska!

Bloody hell!


[And they don’t scare me….]

In other news, it appears the entertainment industry have shot themselves dramatically in the foot; now that Music CD’s have started to be banned from the workplace…. Heh. You see, if you supply products that break people’s existing stuff, they get ‘unhappy’. Perhaps some market research is in order ;-)

In other other news, we managed to miss Serenity at the Cinema, which is *phenominally* annoying. As is being in that irritating intervening period between Cinema and DVD. Feh.

And this is for Trey…


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