The Last One Standing

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So, I got up this morning rather late, with every intention of going swimming. Having asked to borrow 2 quid of my beloved yesterday so that I could go, I then forgot to ask her for it today…

…so I spent about half an hour wandering around the house picking up the small change from everywhere. And y’know what, it added up to exactly the price of swimming. I particularly wanted to go today to get some shots of the pump room at Bristol North, again, closure forcing me into action.

Unfortunately, by the time I set off the traffic was bad, and by the time I got there it was school’s swimming only – and the bloke I need to talk to about the pump room wasn’t there (he’ll be back later). So I’ll have to head back in a few hours…

So, I thought ‘what the hell, I’ll drop in the photos from last time, ‘cos then I’ll be able to see if I want to re-take any of them’ (quite likely as I forgot my tripod and was doing my best human tripod-lean-camera-against-things impression). So I walked down to the photo-store on Gloucester Road… and about 200 yards from the shop realised I didn’t have the damn film with me, it was sat in the car.

So…Attempt two, I walked up, now feeling guilty I moved my car from the Pool carpark to the free carpark the other side of the pool, grabbed the film and headed down again. Got to the shop, and their frigging machine is out of order for the next two three days. What is it with this place?!

So, I decided not to spend money I don’t have, and headed home.

Of course, I was considering utilising one of my mail-order photo envelopes. But I’ve realised they’re only cheap enough if I’m getting lots of films done at once :-/



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